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Sandy MacGregor’s Leadership Course does significantly more than teach leadership – personal development is an equal component.  The quote from Napoleon Bonaparte is particularly apt … “If I always appear prepared, it is because before entering on an undertaking, I have meditated for long and have foreseen what may occur.  It is not genius which reveals to me suddenly and secretly what I should do in circumstances unexpected by others; it is deep thought..”

In the following pages you are presented with a comprehensive leadership package that coaches aspiring champions.  
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Is an 8 module Self Directed Learning Package designed as an ONLINE course incorporating The CALM Life Skills Seminar and the theoretical basis of leadership using the functional approach. and
1 hour of coaching time on the telephone included with more available

  About Sandy

Sandy MacGregor has led an interesting and challenging life thus far. His military career was really rewarding, especially as a commander of 68 soldiers in Vietnam in 1965. He pioneered the neutralising of booby traps and unexploded bombs, plus he and his soldiers were the first Allied troops down tunnels – the original Tunnel Rats (Operation Crimp in the Iron Triangle).

His citation for the Military Cross reads in part - "Captain MacGregor as Troop Commander has in the most dangerous and trying periods of operations, shown outstanding leadership, technical and planning ability and complete disregard for his own safety…….” 
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Prepared by the CALM Institute led by
Sandy MacGregor

 (Creative Accelerated Leadership and Management)
Please send me Module 1 Part A - The Theoretical Basis of Leadership and the
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Aren’t Leaders born to it?  Not according to most of the recognised leaders. Three of the greatest leaders writing on this subject, Field Marshall Viscount Montgomery, Sir Winston Churchill and Sir William Slim say categorically “…. Leaders can be trained”   

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